“Reasons” for e-cigs

What is further disheartening is the fact that Keenan does not at all substantiate any of the claims he makes against e-cigs, such as why knowing that sex sells is bad for use in adverts. Does he deserve to be given any attention for his rants and half-baked arguments?

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Liquid nicotine poisoning and e-cigarettes

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing at an astonishingly alarming rate among youngsters.  When a person uses electronic cigarettes, poisoning can occur through direct eye and skin exposure, inhalation of the toxic e-liquid or e-juice. It may even affect small children adversely as reports of poisoning from the usage of e-cigarettes involve very small children too. The e-cigarette liquid is not childproof as of now and is easily available in interesting flavors that catch the attention of children. Some flavors are fruit flavors like cherry cheesecake, cotton candy, fruit punch etc.

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How to use reviews to rate electronic cigarettes

The allure of electronic cigarettes cannot be denied and manufacturers know this well. The competition was not so much when small companies were at the forefront of making e-cigarettes but with the entry of big companies into the electronic cigarette markets, the competition continues to unravel. Competition is supposed to spell good things for buyers but unfortunately, manufacturers and business-minded persons are known to resort to deceptive marketing tactics in an effort to increase their profits. One way this is done is by use of electronic cigarette reviews and advertisements.

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E-Cigs and the Ban against Minors

The best gift that smokers have found in recent years is the popular e-cigarette. With this, many who have sought to move from tobacco smoking to a less harmful source of nicotine have found it to be the better alternative. Even though these gadgets are controversial and unregulated, there are possibilities that they could have effects for certain groups.

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Improve Battery Safety With Vape Safe Fuses

Vape safe fuses were introduced at a time when very many in the vaping community were trying their hand at pushing their devices to the very edge of what they were capable of. The result of this experimentation was that there were very many instances of battery malfunctions.

As the experimentation picked momentum, modifications hit the scene. There were mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers. Suddenly, mods were the rage. With this kind of turn to the vaping experience, it was just a matter of time before battery issues became all too apparent.

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How Are E-Cig Flavours Named?

For the education of the people at AHA, as well as those that may be tempted to think like them in other parts of the world, electronic liquid flavours are not named in order to attract certain sections of the public.

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It it true?

Is It True That Some E-Liquid Flavours Target Kids?

There was a passionate claim in the US media by the American Heart Association (AHA – http://www.heart.org) that some electronic liquid flavours marketed by tobacco companies that make e-cigs are targeting children. They claimed that the absence of firm regulatory mechanisms has given tobacco firms leeway to target kids with some of their e-liquid flavours.

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Get the Best One!

Buying Up the Best Quality E-Liquids

E-liquids are actually a vital component to the way that most users operate a vaporizer. They are effectively a liquid solution that will incorporate different levels of nicotine. When the solution is heated, it will actually dissolve and allow the user to inhale different amounts of nicotine. People everywhere will be interested in learning more about the different types of e-juices for e-cigarettes that will work with their model. Some owners will be interested in learning more information about the basics of how this process can work. They should try to find the best all around starter kit that will include a wide sample of different types of products.

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